Welcome to the Entertainment + Culture Pavilion +Impact Hub
The Entertainment + Culture Pavilion has five impact goals and desired outcomes:
1. Increase ambition and awareness in the entertainment industry for decarbonization and alignment with Paris Agreement goals.
2. Foster interdisciplinary collaboration for artistic climate expression and resilience storytelling.
3. Establish a global hub for cross-cultural exchanges, frontline community spotlighting, and Global Majority cultural celebration.
4. Offer infrastructure and mutual aid to existing climate-culture initiatives to share knowledge and prevent duplication of efforts.
5. Demonstrate the need for funding from climate-focused donors to expand cultural spaces like the E+C Pavilion.
With the following action items, we aim to inspire you to find meaningful ways to leverage your creative skills and personal capacity to get involved in the climate movement.
Culture and entertainment have historically been powerful drivers to instigate dialogues that catalyze social, economic, and political change. The following initiatives are activating the creative industries to accelerate climate industry within our sector and beyond.
Check out these tools designed for creatives to direct their artistic expertise towards addressing climate change, incorporating innovative approaches, sustainable practices, and impactful storytelling.
Discover inspiring frontline climate stories, revealing the resilience, ingenuity, and unwavering commitment of those actively addressing the challenges of climate change.
Whether you attended the Pavilion in person or followed our activities virtually, we’d love to hear your thoughts and impressions about our presence at COP28.
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